Vertical Bar Screens

The Problem

Screening systems for pump stations and man holes are often deep applications with tight space constraints. Typical solutions include grinders or manual bar screens that result in the following issues:

  • High maintenance
  • Special training due to confined space requirements
  • Solids that are not effectively removed

The Solution

Comarco has teamed up with F.B. Procedes to offer their Vertical Bar Screen Design in North America. F.B. Procedes offers over 50 years of experience with hundreds of installations world wide. The simple design incorporates a bucket/rake that is activated on level control or on timer. Ideally suited for applications such as:

  • Lift Stations/Pump Stations
  • Vaults
  • Deep channels
  • Man Holes

Key Benefits

  • Protection of submersible pumps
  • Relieves the waste water treatment process.
  • No extra space required compared to a manual screen
  • Easily retrofits into existing pump stations
  • Waste discharged directly into a container
  • Installed directly against the effluent inlet, on the pump station wall (circular or straight)
  • Easy access for maintenance. All mechanical parts serviced from above grade

Sold and serviced in the USA by Comarco and local service partners throughout the USA.